Turtles Status Letter #4 — Year In Review

As usual, this year's status letter covers all news-worthy updates since our previous letter. Inside This Year's Letter: Group Income 2018 Hawaii Hackathon development Group Income team continues to grow development Group Income Presentation at BlockCon 2018 (Los Angeles) education Miscellaneous Decentralization Related Rebooting Web-of-Trust (Toronto) research education Scaling Bitcoin (Tokyo) research Internet Identity Workshop […]

Turtles Status Letter #3 — Year In Review

From the Better Late Than Never dept. comes our third yearly status letter. It covers all news-worthy updates since our previous letter. Inside This Year's Letter: Blog Silence Group Income July 2017 hackathon development Anikó Fejes and Sandrina Pereira join Group Income! development BlockCon Basic Income Q&A With Scott Santens (Los Angeles) […]

Turtle Status Letter #2 — Group Income + DPKI + More!

This is our second yearly status letter. It covers all news-worthy updates since our previous letter. Inside This Year's Letter: Group Income Voting systems research research education Victor Morrow Joins Group Income! development Group Income Shorts! education San Francisco Basic Income Create-A-Thon education development New York Meetup! education DPKI: Decentralized Public-key Infrastructure ID2020 - Rebooting […]

Our First Status Letter: Browser Extension, DNSChain, DPKI, & More!

Thanks to insightful feedback from John Light, I realized it would be good to do a regular Turtle Status Letter in order to keep our followers and supporters abreast of our activities and decision-making process. We now plan to do one every year. Inside This Year's Letter: How […]

Of Turtles And Group Income Hackathons

Some turtles got together this weekend to hack on a thon—err, for a Group Income hackathon! We're doing a hackathon this weekend (23-24th) on @Group_Income. If you want to work with us remotely, let us know!https://t.co/B22QjPW2pG— Group Income (@Group_Income) January 23, 2016 Group Income: A Currency-less Form Of […]

Five Open-Source Slack Alternatives

Translations: 中文 Update: We made a huge mistake in forgetting to review Riot — the only Slack alternative based on an open protocol, and the only Slack alternative to support end-to-end encrypted group chats. Slack is a popular team communications application for organizations that offers group chat and […]

DNSChain 0.5 Released: HTTPS + Openname Resolver API + More!

DNSChain 0.5 brings about many new features. It's important to remember, however, that this project is not really about new bells and whistles. It's about what kind of a world we want to live in, and for us the answer is clear: we want to live in […]

[Job] Fundraising Genius (Update: Filled!)

Update October 28, 2014: John Light, welcome aboard! Being a non-profit means we have a constant need to fund raise, so: The okTurtles Foundation is looking to hire a genius fundraiser, part time or full time. About okTurtles: The protocol "securing" most internet traffic today (SSL/TLS) has a 20+ year […]

The Trouble with Certificate Transparency

Update: March 25, 2015, see also: Certificate transparency on blockchains Ben Laurie, project lead for Google's Certificate Transparency (CT), recently published an article wherein he compared CT against various efforts to secure Internet communication world-wide from Man-In-The-Middle Attacks (MITM), including DNSChain. In it, he made several claims about […]

okTurtles Demo at SOUPS 2014 (EFF CUP Crypto Usability Prize)

Oh boy! Lots of news to share about okTurtles and DNSChain in the upcoming days: These projects are now officially under the stewardship of a new non-profit organization called the okTurtles Foundation (more on this coming soon). We're going to be moving the site from okturtles.com ➜ okturtles.org We […]

Introducing the dotDNS metaTLD

We've taken several important steps on the road to making "MITM-proof communication" on your favorite websites possible. We released the first version of DNSChain, the blockchain-based DNS resolver (fully compatible with canonical DNS). We launched the first public DNSChain server. Its 600 lines of […]