Oh boy! Lots of news to share about okTurtles and DNSChain in the upcoming days:

  • These projects are now officially under the stewardship of a new non-profit organization called the okTurtles Foundation (more on this coming soon).
  • We're going to be moving the site from okturtles.com okturtles.org
  • We gave a very successful demo at SOUPS 2014's EFF CUP workshop (see the video below!)
  • Simon Grondin of Unblock.us.org is joining our team to bring awesome new anti-censorship features to DNSChain.
  • Development on the okTurtles browser extension is ongoing!
  • We're looking forward to working with many of the wonderful people we met at the SOUPS 2014 conference! So many awesome folks in attendance! 😀

Stay tuned for more updates!

Till then, enjoy the demo!

Enjoy! 😀

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